Personal Discovery.
Continuous Professional Development.

Our personality and career assessments give you actionable and insightful information
at any point in your professional development journey.

Fast and efficient set up, deployment, and reporting.

Survey dashboards provide a clear overview of the progress for each project and allows for easy project management from start to finish. You’ll be able to apply the results to various work-related situations and help you navigate team interactions, rewards and recognition, and understand how to achieve your developmental goals.


ThinkWise 360

The ThinkWise 360 ͦ is designed to provide a deeper understanding of how individuals are observed in the workplace and ultimately help them improve performance.

Team Performance Survey

The Team Performance Survey assesses the team as an entity by measuring the critical elements of overall team performance across eight unique dimensions:


Hiring Tools

The Hiring Tools include a competency-based, configurable Candidate Assessment that measures the drivers you identify as critical to your organization.

It also has Behavioral-based Interview Guides that come with competency and behavioral questions, follow-up probes, and ‘Listening Points’ – helping every manager become an expert interviewer.

Your Personality Profile

Understanding personality can guide you to better understand yourself and why you do what you do. Some of us are enthusiastic in work settings and easily start conversations with strangers, while others may be quite composed and ease into situations differently.

What's being measured?

The Cantoo Personality Assessment provides insights into key areas of your personality:

Your Interest Profile

The Cantoo Interest Profiler offers you the ability to discover the type of work you like to do. The more a career meets your interests, the more likely it will be satisfying and rewarding to you. The information gained can act as a guide in your career exploration and journey.

What's being measured?

Cantoo’s Interest assessment is a brief, scientifically derived career interest assessment measuring your interests in various job tasks, so you can navigate and find the right career path.


ThinkWise 360

$225 / participant / 1-10 participants
$200 / participant / 11-25 participants
$175 / participant / 26-50 participants
$150 / participant / 51-100 participants

Team Performance Survey

$200 / team

Hiring Tools

$135 / participant / 1-10 participants
$110 / participant / 11-25 participants
$100 / participant / 26-50 participants
$90 / participant / 51-100 participants

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